Why does your search redirect me to Google?

It's pretty good and it's free so please excuse the poor user experience.

How come my crossword wasn't created?

There may be too many people using the tool at the same time, in which case please try again. Also, check your popup blocker as the crossword is generated in a separate tab.

How come there "errors"?

There can be cases when certain words can't be included in the crossword. Those are left out and reported in the "errors" section. Try to use words that are 4 letters long or more to avoid errors and sometimes changing the order of the words will make a difference.

Can I save/export/print to PDF?

Yes, you can "print to PDF", which will save the file to your computer.

Can I keep my crosswords from being viewed by others?

Sorry, we prefer simplicity and openness so no advanced sharing options in the near future.

Why can't I create crosswords with certain words in them?

We have a blacklist to protect children.

Can I get other fonts for the handwriting worksheet maker?

The fronts are free from Google Fonts so if you see one you like, we can add it.

What if my question isn't here?

Write us an email via the Feedback page or tweet at @mankindforward

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