Crossword Puzzle

Focal Point and Emphasis


  1. three basic colors from which all others are derived (primarycolors)
  2. a line not actually drawn (impliedline)
  3. a drastic difference between color/value, darkness/lightness when presented together (contrast)
  4. a relief point made from a design cut into a block of wood (woodcut)
  5. land of koalas (kiwi)
  6. aloha (pineapple)


  1. the center of interest or activity in a work of art (focalpoint)
  2. the principle of drawing attention to particular content in a work (emphasis)
  3. draws our attention away from particular areas of a work (subordination)
  4. the overall design or organization of a work (composition)
  5. the lightness or darkness of a plane or area (value)
  6. the part of a work switched furthest from the viewers space (background)
  7. the regular or ordered repetition of elements in the work (rhythm)
  8. crappy car (lemon)

["orange", "cherry", "blueberry", "watermelon"]

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