Crossword Puzzle

Firm in Jesus Christ


  1. we are waging a _______ war against Satan. (spiritual)
  2. the Lamanites were in the border of_________ (Alma 43 (jershon)
  3. they cried unto the Lord for their_______ (Alma 43 (freedom)


  1. worn to protect someone in battle. (armour)
  2. _______ is a great example of faith, courage, and service (Alma 46 (moroni)
  3. The title of _______. (Alma 46 (liberty)
  4. the Nephites needed to ______ their lands, their liberty, and their church (Alma 43 (preserve)
  5. to bring to mind or think of again (remember)
  6. Stand fast in the faith of ______ (lesson title). (christ)

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