Crossword Puzzle

Food Production


  1. Farming that moves from one location to another every couple of years. (shiftingcultivation)
  2. large amount of inputs per unit of land, thus inputs are more concentrated as plots are usually small in relation. (intensivefarming)
  3. growing of crops (arable)
  4. rearing or animals and growing of crops (mixed)
  5. The people working on the farm and possessing a certain skillset. (labour)
  6. Seeds that have been biologically altered to have better qualities, such as disease resistance. (gm)
  7. Cereals, vegetables and fruit grown by people. (crops)
  8. Crops grown for the feeding of animals, usually stored and fed to the animals during the winter months (fodder)
  9. The conversion of skin into leather. (tanning)


  1. The artificial cultivation of crops (farming)
  2. The starting material in a system, which is subjected to many steps to later produce something. (inputs)
  3. A series of actions or steps taking place that convert inputs to outputs (processes)
  4. The finished products of a system (output)
  5. The type of production of food on a large scale, usually very capital intensive, to make a profit. Causing an excess of output that is sold in a market to earn profit. More common in MEDCs. (commercialfarming)
  6. Small scale farming, mostly labour intensive, and producing little crop as output, which is used to feed immediate family and close friends. Common in LEDCs. (subsistencefarming)
  7. Low amount of inputs in relation to land. (extensivefarming)
  8. Genetically engineered crops that are grown from better quality seeds and usually provided a healthy surplus of crop (hyv)
  9. Sums of money provided by the government to farmers to encourage certain farming practices. (subsidies)
  10. Limits set to prevent overproduction of certain crops. (quotas)
  11. A shortage of food causing malnutrition and hunger. (famine)
  12. The artificial watering of the land, usually throw the digging of canals etc. (irrigation)
  13. The deterioration of the suitability of land for farming due to soil erosion, desertification and salinisation. The exhaustion of nutrients in the soil. (landdegradation)
  14. The sowing of seeds into soil at the start of the growing season. (seeding)
  15. The removal of unwanted plants from the farmland to prevent hindrance to growing crops. (weeding)

["pastoral", "fertilisers", "pesticides", "livestock", "fallow", "herbicide", "monoculture", "organicfarming", "over-cultivation", "salinisation", "soilconservation", "soilerosion", "terraces", "cashcrop", "croprotation", "contourploughing", "combineharvester", "draughtanimals", "grainelevator", "humus", "minerals(insoil)", "overgrazinggrazing", "stripcultivation", "watertable", "foodsecurity", "foodshortage", "internationalaid", "labourintensive"]

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