Crossword Puzzle

Words of the Week (july 1- 15)


  1. concise, brief (breviloquent)
  2. stingy (parsimonious)
  3. human body/mind/soul (psyche)
  4. conscientiousness about work and duties (diligent)
  5. confident and forceful personality (assertive)
  6. early understood (pellucid)


  1. instruction (tutelage)
  2. outdated (obsolete)
  3. exhausted (knackered)
  4. aha! (epiphany)
  5. story with a meaning (allegory)
  6. displaying various forms; diversity or variety (protean)
  7. expert in telling anecdotes/stories (raconteur)
  8. unclear; having a double meaning (ambiguous)
  9. ability to make good judgements/quick decisions; knowledgeable (acumen)

["acronym", "tangible"]

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