Crossword Puzzle



  1. a note that gets 3 beats (dottedhalfnote)
  2. mezzo (medium)
  3. playing a note short, detached (staccato)
  4. indicates to play notes smoothly, connected (slur)
  5. signature that tells us how many beats are in a measure (time)
  6. a note that gets 4 beats (whole)
  7. word the treble spaces spells (face)
  8. grandma ______ donuts for all (bakes)


  1. how loud or soft you are playing (dynamics)
  2. how fast or slow you are playing (tempo)
  3. very soft (pianissimo)
  4. very loud (fortissimo)
  5. how many beats a quarter note gets (one)
  6. to play loudly (forte)
  7. a note that gets 1/2 beat (eighth)
  8. indicates when there should be silence in the music (rest)
  9. clef typically played with right hand (treble)
  10. to play softly (piano)
  11. all ____ eat grass (cows)
  12. indicates you may hold note as long as you would like (fermata)
  13. connects two of the same notes, don't play the second one (tie)
  14. bass clef typically played with this hand (left)

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