Crossword Puzzle

Year 3 Term 3


  1. the first meal of the day (page 64) (breakfast)
  2. the coldest season of the year (page 591) (winter)
  3. a violent change in the weather bringing wind, rain, thunder and lightning (page 517) (storm)


  1. beginning with P, used to slow the fall of someone jumping out of an aeroplane (page 377) (parachute)
  2. the opposite direction on a compass is North (page 498) (south)
  3. something done for pleasure or exercise starting with the letter s (page 505) (sport)
  4. a place where books are kept for people to borrow or study (page 307) (library)
  5. a thought or picture in your mind (page 267) (idea)

["exercise", "cloud"]

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