Crossword Puzzle

Charlotte’s Web


  1. Who does the illustrations for the book? (garthwillams)
  2. What is the smallest of the litter? (runt)
  3. What does Charlotte make? (web)
  4. Where does wilber go to win a ribben? (fair)
  5. With who does Wiber get sold to? (uncle)


  1. What does Fern father have to kill the runt? (ax)
  2. A dirty rat. (templeton)
  3. What is a 8-legged creature? (spider)
  4. What is the mains spiders name? (charlotte)
  5. What does fern name her new pig? (wiber)
  6. What is Fern's dad name? (johnarable)
  7. What does Charotte eat (bugs)
  8. Wilber escapes from Mr.Zuckerman's (barn)
  9. At the end of Chapter 4, Wilber hears a voice that tells him she would be a ______. (friend)
  10. After he escaped, Mr.Zuckerman lured wilber back with ______. (slops)

["avery", "e.b.white", "farm", "fern", "desperste", "anxious", "exploded", "willing", "lonely", "injustice", "carriage"]

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