Crossword Puzzle

Samiullah & Tasnya


  1. Organization Couple was Board Members of (muslimstudentsassociation)
  2. Tasnya's Favorite Color (blue)
  3. Couple's Mutual Bridesman/Groomsman (hamza)
  4. Tasnya has another stomach for ______. (desserts)


  1. Tasnya's Hometown (queens)
  2. Couple's Favorite Restaurant (noodlewave)
  3. Samiullah's Birth Month (august)
  4. Samiullah's Hometown (sugarland)
  5. Tasnya's Favorite Movie (mohabbatein)
  6. Tasnya's Undergraduate University (texaswomans)
  7. Samiullah's Most Cherished Time Pass (sleeping)
  8. Samiullah's Shoe Size (ten)
  9. City Where the Couple Met (denton)
  10. Samiullah has an obsession for ______. (computers)

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