Crossword Puzzle

Crossword Puzzle


  1. Buddhism was founded by ______. (siddharthagautama)
  2. World's oldest religion. (hinduism)
  3. World's oldest writings. (vedas)
  4. Buddha's message was appealing to ______. (untouchables)
  5. An Indian religion attributed to the teachings of Buddha. (buddhism)


  1. What valley did Hinduism originate in. (indus)
  2. Who was known as the creator in Hinduism? (brahma)
  3. The _______ system divides people into different social levels. (caste)
  4. The ______ river is the most sacred river in India. (ganges)
  5. The rebirth of the soul. (reincarnation)
  6. The ultimate peace (maksha)
  7. A state of perfect happiness and peace. (nirvana)
  8. Siddhartha Gautama was nicknamed the ______. (buddha)
  9. The ______-Fold Path is the path to nirvana. (eight)
  10. Four ______ Truths are central beliefs containing the essance of buddhist teachings (noble)

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