Crossword Puzzle



  1. a technique a teacher uses to get information across to students (instructionalstrategy)
  2. lecture origami (foldable)
  3. a teacher uses this activity at the end of the period to keep students engaged until the dismissal bell (extension)
  4. highest level of thinking (evaluation)
  5. a question with many right answers (divergent)
  6. amount of time between asking a question and answering a question (waittime)


  1. first step of Direct Teach Lesson Plan (warmup)
  2. statement explaining what students will learn during lesson (objective)
  3. lecture, video, demonstration, text (input)
  4. we do (guidedpractice)
  5. you do for homework (independentpractice)
  6. last step of Direct Teach Lesson Plan (closure)
  7. five parts of student learning objective (abccd)
  8. current teacher evaluation system in Texas (ttess)
  9. moving from one activity in a lesson to the next (transition)
  10. scholar who came up with the six levels of thinking (bloom)
  11. a teacher does this so that students know how to respond to a question (cue)
  12. stand next to a student (proximity)

["checkforunderstanding", "timeontask", "studentengagement", "accountability", "heterogeneous", "socratic"]

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