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Literature Vocabulary


  1. a type of reading done for the purpose of enjoyment or pleasure (aestheticreading)
  2. sequence of events, involving characters in conflict situations (plot)
  3. a web like organizer where students organize information they have collected (cluster)
  4. students create this in order to examine information they have learned about a specific topic; used to explore a topic from six dimensions or perspectives (cube)
  5. the 5 different categories of literature including informational writing, journals and letters, persuasive writing, poetry, and stories (genres)
  6. a written account of a person’s life written by someone other than that person (biography)


  1. a teacher picks up a book, reads the title aloud and begins to read while students listen quietly (readaloud)
  2. a type of interactive level activity where students read scripts expressively (reader’stheater)
  3. refers to when students read or reread a selection with a peer or classmate (buddyreading)
  4. small groups of students get together to read and respond to a piece of literature (literaturecircle)
  5. backdrop for the story; where the story takes place (setting)
  6. the particular viewpoint that a story is written; includes first person, omniscient, limited omniscient and objective (pointofview)
  7. where students write entries to about new concepts they are learning, record new and interesting words, make charts and diagrams, and reflect on their learning (learninglog)
  8. an account of a person’s life written by that person (autobiography)

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