Crossword Puzzle

Jason's 50th Birthday Crossword


  1. prep school (three words) (northfieldmounthermon)
  2. favorite sport to watch and he feels guilty about it after (football)
  3. college major (engineer)
  4. grad school (cal)
  5. town where he got married in 1998 (vail)
  6. first job after college (nrel)
  7. birthplace city (two words) (lakeplacid)
  8. dream job (rockstar)
  9. favorite wood to use to make furniture (cherry)
  10. middle name (allen)
  11. affliction that old men get after 50 but he got when he was 30 (baldness)
  12. overnight camp where he got homesick on the first day (treetops)
  13. what is the name of his first dog (danny)


  1. favorite color (blue)
  2. his disability that prevents him from taking his style to the next level (two words) (colorblindness)
  3. Italian dish he could eat every day and still love it (calzone)
  4. favorite alcohol before bed (whiskey)
  5. cocktail he’s been working on to perfect (mojito)
  6. favorite type of beer (hefeweizen)
  7. his favorite brand of wine (obsidian)
  8. what he likes to play every Sunday morning (ultimate)
  9. favorite daughter (eliot)
  10. favorite son (aidan)
  11. undergrad school (princeton)
  12. he was director of this acapella group in college (nassoons)
  13. favorite state (colorado)
  14. favorite candy (two words) (swedishfish)
  15. favorite breakfast Hayley makes him (granola)
  16. electronic game he is obsessed about playing (risk)
  17. where he spent his 40th (searanch)
  18. favorite President (obama)
  19. favorite season in Tahoe (summer)

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