Crossword Puzzle

5 Instructional Models Review


  1. Gain attention, inform learner of objectives, prior learning, present content, provide guidance, practice, provide feedback, assess performance, enhance retention and transfer to the job. (gagnesnineeventsofinstruction)
  2. Who was one of the creators of the Backward Design? (wiggins)
  3. What do you think of first when using the Backward Design? (outcome)


  1. First step of the Addie Model (analyze)
  2. Second step of the Addie Model (design)
  3. Third step of the Addie Model (develop)
  4. Fourth step of the Addie Model (implement)
  5. Fifth step of the Addie Model (evaluate)
  6. Which state was the Addie Model created in? (florida)
  7. What instructional model was used by the military? (addiemodel)
  8. Merrills instructional model solves what kind of problems? (real-world)
  9. What is David Merrill a specialist in? (designandtechnology)
  10. Gagnes model was pioneered during ___________. (worldwartwo)
  11. Knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, evaluation. (bloomstaxonomy)
  12. Who is the educational theorist behind Blooms Taxonomy? (benjaminbloom)

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