Crossword Puzzle

Academic Integration


  1. something, especially a bus, that has two floors or levels. (double-decker)
  2. the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind. (quality)
  3. a Muslim place of worship. (mosque)
  4. a short journey or trip. (excursion)
  5. a mound of sand formed by the wind. (dune)


  1. a very tall, habitable building (skyscraper)
  2. a person walking rather than travelling in a vehicle. (pedestrian)
  3. unusual; not typical. (exceptional)
  4. appropriate for a particular person, purpose, or situation. (suitable)
  5. the basic monetary unit of Morocco and the United Arab Emirates. (dirham)
  6. evoking admiration through size, quality, or skill. (impressive)
  7. a group or system of interconnected people or things. (network)

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