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Civics Vocabulary Crossword


  1. System of government in which public policies are made by officials selected by the voters and held accountable in periodic elections. (representativedemocracy)
  2. The ability to make the choices you want and to act upon them. (freedom)
  3. A form of government in which the power to rule is held by small, usually self-appointed elite. (oligarchy)
  4. A government in which citizens elect representatives to make laws. (republic)
  5. Standards of behavior; guidelines for how people should treat each other. (values)


  1. A form of government in which a single person holds unlimited political power. (autocracy)
  2. Certain ideas that people trust are true. (beliefs)
  3. An official count of the population made every ten years to find out how many representatives each state should have and to forecast the demand on the different services governments provide. (census)
  4. The well-being of all members of society. (commongood)
  5. A form of government in which the supreme authority rest with in the people. (democracy)
  6. A form of government in which the leader has absolute power and authority. (dictatorship)
  7. A system of producing and distributing goods and services to fulfill people's wants. (economy)
  8. The condition of everyone's having the same rights and opportunities. (equality)
  9. Those people legally admitted as permanent residents of a country. (immigrants)
  10. A form of government in which all or most of the power is in the hands of one individual, the monarch, whose authority is hereditary. (monarchy)
  11. Fairness;the idea that every person deserves to be treated fairly. (justice)

["confederategovernment", "federalgovernment", "patriotism", "politicalsocialization", "presidentialgovernment", "representatives", "ruleoflaw", "socialinstitution", "socialization", "unitarygovernment"]

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