Crossword Puzzle

Skinny Block Vocab 1


  1. the princess who lost her mother (cinderella)
  2. text before or after to explain meaning (context)
  3. restate in your words (paraphrase)
  4. words taken from somewhere else (quotation)
  5. to think deeply or carefully about (reflect)
  6. the deer who lost his mother (bambi)
  7. the mermaid who lost her mother (ariel)
  8. the food Jay always asks for (chips)


  1. the repeated use of sounds or words (repetition)
  2. show something to be true (establish)
  3. a short section from somewhere else (excerpt)
  4. use visuals to make something clear (illustrate)
  5. skim a text before reading (preview)
  6. how you think or feel about something (attitude)
  7. the elephant who lost his mother (dumbo)
  8. the lion who lost his dad (simba)


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