Crossword Puzzle

Hand Hygiene and Infection Control


  1. The process by which pathogens move from reservoir to host is referred to as the method of ___. (transmission)
  2. A liquid, gel or foam formulation of alcohol (abhr)
  3. Any host or substance where a pathogen can replicate. (reservoir)
  4. Any specialized clothing or safety items (i.e. masks, gloves, gowns) worn by individuals for protection against transmissible pathogens. (ppe)
  5. Gown and gloves are used for this precaution. (contact)


  1. Healthcare Acquired Infections are not only costly to the healthcare system but pose major health risks to patients, which can lead to ___. (deaths)
  2. Gown, gloves, and a N95 respirator is required for this precaution (airborne)
  3. One most frequently missed area of the hands (thumbs)
  4. Goal of the hand hygiene program is to reduce the transmission of ___. (infections)
  5. You are required to perform hand hygiene before and after you wear these. (gloves)
  6. The portal of ___ refers to how pathogens "get in." (entry)
  7. Any "germ" or pathogen is refereed to as an infectious ___. (agent)


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