Crossword Puzzle

Light. Find the different terms related to light.


  1. does not give off its own light (non-luminous)
  2. when light bounces off the object. (reflect)
  3. the number of waves that pass a certain point every second. (frequency)
  4. the distance between two crests of a wave. (wavelength)
  5. to bend light. (refract)
  6. a block of glass or perspex that can split white light into the different colours of the visible spectrum. (prism)
  7. gives off its own light (luminous)


  1. an object that allows only part of the light to pass through it, but not enough for us to see clearly. (translucent)
  2. light can pass through it. (transparent)
  3. light cannot pass through it. (opaque)
  4. when light travels into the object. (absorb)
  5. when light travels through an object. (transmitted)
  6. to split white light into different colours (disperse)

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