Crossword Puzzle

Football Vocabulary


  1. The player placed the ball on it to kick the penalty (penaltyspot)
  2. It is the line which devides the pitch into two parts (half)
  3. He dresses in black and takes the decisions of the football game (referee)
  4. He is the referee's assistant (linesman)
  5. They can replace an injured or tired player in the game (substitute)
  6. One player, on the sideline, throws the ball int the pitch (throwin)


  1. the field in which the game is played (pitch)
  2. It is the player who guards the goal (goalkeeper)
  3. They are in the middle of the defense (centreback)
  4. Juan Roman Riquelme was Boca Juniors' forward (forward)
  5. Lionel Messi is the Argentina's team captain (captain)
  6. If the player is faulted in the box, the team has a penalty (penalty)
  7. It is taken by the goalkeeper when the attacking team has kicked the ball over the goal line. (goalkick)


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