Crossword Puzzle

Graduate Puzzle


  1. What was Zach's favorite class in college? (marketingstrategies)
  2. What office does Zach hold for his high school? (vicepresident)
  3. How many years has it been since Zach graduated high school? (ten)
  4. Who was the president when Zach graduated high school? (obama)
  5. Is Zach a night owl or morning person? (nightowl)
  6. What is Zach's favorite color? (purple)
  7. What is Zach's favorite sport? (basketball)


  1. Where did Zach attend high school? (myrtle)
  2. Where did Zach attend community college? (northeast)
  3. After high school graduation, Zach dyed his hair. What color was it? (orange)
  4. What was Zach's original major? (accounting)
  5. What is Zach's favorite food? (potatoes)
  6. What was the mascot for Zach's high school? (hawks)
  7. What was the mascot for Zach's community college? (tigers)
  8. Where is Zach graduating from college? (olemiss)
  9. What is Zach's major now? (marketing)
  10. What was Zach's least favorite class in college? (sociology)
  11. What is the mascot for the college Zach is graduating from? (landsharks)
  12. What is Zach's favorite thing to do in his spare time? (travel)
  13. What is Zach's birth month? (december)
  14. Where is Zach's favorite place to visit? (desert)
  15. What was the name of Zach's first dog? (molly)

["fordf-150", "randall", "mcalister’s", "manager"]

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