Crossword Puzzle

Carnivorous Mammals pt 1


  1. Organs of smell. (olfactoryorgans)
  2. The two leaders in a group of animals. (dominantpair)
  3. An opportunistic omnivore that can live in cities. It looks like a small wolf with really big ears. (jackal)


  1. The female leader in a group of animals. (alphafemale)
  2. A species of wolf that is thriving. They are night hunters and are often alone. (coyotes)
  3. The male leader in a group of animals. (alphamale)
  4. Animals that walk on their toes, giving them the ability to run swiftly. (digitigrades)
  5. Living only in Japan, this dog looks like a large raccoon. (raccoondog)
  6. A type of canine. They have been pests for livestock farmers and a source of fear for travelers at night. (wolves)
  7. Australian canines that were once pet dogs owned by Indonesian traders who fished in the waters of Australia thousands of years ago. (dingoes)
  8. When an animal changes its diet to fit changes in its surroundings we call it an __ feeder. (opportunistic)

["arcticfox", "africanwilddog", "redfox"]

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