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  1. Not telling others about information which a business partner or client tells you. (confidentiality)
  2. When one party gives another an amount of money which will be paid back at a later date er pay its bills. (loan)
  3. The difference between the sales value and the direct costs of producing an item. (margin)
  4. The end date of a contract. (maturity)
  5. When two organizations come together to create one new company (merger)
  6. A company which owns most of the shares in another company. (parent)
  7. The inclusion in the accounts of amounts which may arise in the future. (provision)
  8. Another word for purchase. Normally used for very large amounts, such as buildings, factories, or another company (acquisition)
  9. The things which a person or company owns and which are of value to the owner. (assets)
  10. The top management of the company. (board)
  11. The offices of a company which are located in various countries or cities. A branch is not a separate company. (branch)
  12. The fixing of the amounts to be spent in the future. Also, the official statement showing these amounts. (budget)


  1. Something that has no physical presence, but is only an abstract idea. (Intangible assets, for example, are patents, trademarks or brands). (intangible)
  2. The goods which a company produces, but which have not yet been sold. (inventory)
  3. A legal contract to rent assets from the owner, often over long periods of time and with the possibility to buy the asset at the end of the rental period. (leasing)
  4. The amount of money or the value of something which a person or organization owes to someone else. For insurance matters, ‘liability’ means the responsibility to pay the costs of an accident. (liability)
  5. The dissolving of a company which can no longer pay its bills. (liquidation)
  6. A mathematical calculation which compares one amount to another. (ratio)
  7. A company which is owned or controlled by another company. (subsidiary)
  8. The process to reduce the value of an intangible asset to zero, over a specified number of years (amortization)

["affiliate", "capitalization", "consolidation", "debt", "disposition"]

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