Crossword Puzzle

Ch.3 Vocabulary


  1. the extent to which people desire to predict what is going to happen (uncertaintyavoidance)
  2. biologically determined physical traits (sex)


  1. culture in which people assume a variety of roles and are valued for doing so regardless of sex (feminineculture)
  2. the belief that one's own culture is superior to others (ethnocentrism)
  3. a display of genuine and unselfish concern for the welfare of others (altruism)
  4. the study of how the perception of time differs among cultures (chronemics)
  5. cultures that value community, collaboration, shared interest, harmony, the public good, and avoiding embarrassment (collectivistculture)
  6. any physical, emotional, mental, cognitive impairment that impacts how a person functions in society (disability)
  7. values that guide actual behavior (realvalues)
  8. a shared cultural identity that is learned (ethnicity)

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