Crossword Puzzle

Adopt a Pet Puzzle


  1. holiday associated with black cats (halloween)
  2. Bow____ (wow)
  3. disapproving cat noise (hiss)
  4. GPS tracker to find a lost pet (microchip)
  5. Sound a cat makes (meow)
  6. To bring home a pet from a shelter (adopt)
  7. Item to give a dog to play with (toy)
  8. dry piece of pet food (kibble)
  9. pet's hair (fur)
  10. bugs that can make pets itch (flea)


  1. Worse than the bark (bite)
  2. Another word for bark (woof)
  3. How many lives a cat supposedly has (nine)
  4. Fill with water or food (bowl)
  5. runt of the _____ (litter)
  6. Treat cats love (catnip)
  7. Goes around a pet's neck (collar)
  8. Cat's motor sound (purr)
  9. Dogs ______ at the moon (howl)
  10. Type of white (calico)
  11. place to take your dog to run around (dogpark)
  12. Cat's nails (claws)
  13. Dog's nose and mouth (muzzle)

["puppy", "whiskers", "dalmatian", "treat", "shelter", "clowder", "shed", "kitten", "doghouse", "leash", "train", "mouse", "love", "bone", "tongue", "belly", "hotdog", "fetch", "pounce"]

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