Crossword Puzzle



  1. I-90 is an (interstate)
  2. car fuel (gas)
  3. Roosevelt wife (eleanor)
  4. what mom does after drinking coffee (poop)
  5. packed clothes in (suitcase)
  6. state we’re visiting (newyork)
  7. used to avoid sunburn (sunscreen)
  8. wants all the ice cream (brooke)
  9. a walk in the wilderness (hike)
  10. kind of “trip” we’re on (road)


  1. Death stories (ava)
  2. Subaru Vehicle (outback)
  3. 2019 (year)
  4. “Well Actually” (addison)
  5. city that invented mom’s favorite wings (buffalo)
  6. carry on back while hiking (backpack)
  7. body of water for paddle boarding (lake)
  8. Junior... (ranger)
  9. a favorite song beautiful (couch)

["waterfall", "canada", "mountains", "michele", "stamps", "duck"]

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