Crossword Puzzle

PIV Training


  1. The number one PIV accident. (tippedover)
  2. Must be worn when present. (seatbelts)
  3. When must a PIV be inspected? (preshift)
  4. Charger must be ___ before connecting to the battery. (off)
  5. ___ wash station must be within 25'. (eye)
  6. Type of PIV. (picker)


  1. Who has the right of way? (pedestrian)
  2. Number of PIV classes. (seven)
  3. A point in the load around which all weight is evenly distributed. (loadcenter)
  4. Number of points that suspends PIV load. (three)
  5. Fixed point that acts as the pivot point. (fulcrum)
  6. A PIV without a load is ____ stable. (less)

["maximum", "rear", "zero"]

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