Crossword Puzzle



  1. A body of land surrounded by water on three sides (peninsula)
  2. a large natural stream of water that flows over land (river)
  3. An opening in Earth’s crust which molten rock, gases, and ash erupt (volcano)
  4. Sandy, hot, and dry place (desert)
  5. A hollow space under the ground that has an opening large enough for a person to enter (cave)
  6. A large area of thick ice (glacier)
  7. Higher than the surrounding land but smaller than a mountain (hills)
  8. A land area completely surrounded by water (island)
  9. A huge body of salt water (ocean)


  1. large area filled with trees (forest)
  2. A large body of water that is surrounded by land and is not part of the ocean (lake)
  3. Rises high above its surroundings taller than a hill; steep slope (mountain)
  4. A place in a river where water spills downward (waterfall)
  5. A “ditch” in Earth’s surface, lies between mountains or hills (valley)
  6. Large areas of lands that are mostly flat (plains)
  7. A narrow deep valley cut by a river through rock (canyon)


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