Crossword Puzzle

Wave Billing Crossword Puzzle


  1. Gives Qualified Customers Extra Time to Pay the Balance on their Account (paymentarrangements)
  2. Combination Cable Modem and Telephone Adapter (emta)
  3. Megabits per Second (mbps)
  4. Data Plan with no Data Cap (gig)


  1. Enhanced Whole Home Wi-Fi (eero)
  2. Data Equipment for $13 (modem)
  3. Money Transfer Scheduled for a Predetermined Date to Pay a Recurring Bill (autopay)
  4. One City That Offers a 1.5mbps Download Data Plan (garberville)
  5. How You Can Wave an Overage Fee for a HS 250 Customer Wo Used 1.5GB (unlimiteddata)
  6. Lowest Level of Cable (localbroadcast)
  7. Cable Box Without a Guide (hddta)
  8. Phone Plan with Phone Features (unlimitedphone)

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