Crossword Puzzle

CFW June 2019


  1. Answerable (Matthew 5 (accountable)
  2. He and his sons were of “the sons of Gilead” (Numbers 26 (iezer)
  3. This fragrant shrub is mentioned only in The Song of Solomon (Song of Solomon 1 (henna)
  4. Incapable (Acts 21 (unable)
  5. The large copper vessel used by the priests for washing themselves in the courtyard of Solomon’s temple was called this because of the large quantity of water it could contain (2 Chronicles 4 (sea)
  6. Calling the scribes and the Pharisees this, Jesus mentioned that they “strain out the gnat but gulp down the camel” [2 words] (Matthew 23 (blindguides)
  7. Contemptuously described in the Scriptures as harsh, bad, good-for-nothing, and senseless, he was struck dead by Jehovah (1 Samuel 25 (nabal)
  8. The channel that brought water to a pool near the King’s Garden (Nehemiah 3 (canal)
  9. A town from which Joshua expelled the giant Anakim (Joshua 11 (anab)
  10. By means of this standard Hebrew weapon, Phinehas pierced through both Zimri and Cozbi and brought a halt to the scourge that killed 24,000 Israelites on the Plains of Moab (Numbers 25 (lance)
  11. Farming implement mentioned as suitable for getting rid of “troublesome plants” (Isaiah 7 (hoe)


  1. When Abraham purchased the cave of Machpelah from Ephron the Hittite for 400 silver shekels, he intended to use it as this [2 words] (Genesis 23 (burialplace)
  2. To wear away by persistent biting (Revelation 16 (gnaw)
  3. One of the seven sons of Noah’s son Japheth (Genesis 10 (tubal)
  4. A city in the mountainous region of Judah (Joshua 15 (dannah)
  5. Seventh letter of the Greek alphabet (eta)
  6. Paul encountered these Greek philosophers when he was preaching in the marketplace at Athens (Acts 17 (stoics)
  7. Gideon used this to make sure that Jehovah would keep his promise to save Israel by means of him (Judges 6 (fleece)
  8. He was one who attested by seal to Nehemiah’s “trustworthy arrangement” (Nehemiah 9 (beninu)
  9. This king of Syria cleared out the Jews from the Judaean city of Elath, frightening King Ahaz into turning to Assyria for help (2 Kings 16 (rezin)
  10. Bearing or demeanor (Job 36 (air)
  11. A son of Abishur and Abihail of the tribe of Judah (1 Chronicles 2 (ahban)
  12. While in Hebron, this wife of David bore him a son named Ithream (2 Samuel 3 (eglah)
  13. Joseph’s missing cup was found in this possession of Benjamin (Genesis 44 (bag)
  14. Among the things that Agur found too wonderful to comprehend was the way of this bird in the heavens (Proverbs 30 (eagle)

["gob", "salma", "talent", "war", "inner", "hagab", "boar", "aneedleseye", "pity", "worn", "heeded", "ashes", "combat", "ahira", "arad", "rod"]

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