Crossword Puzzle

criss cross


  1. Every kid’s raspberry flavored sweet delight (cottoncandysurprise)
  2. Sinfully chewy and crunchy, this one is a dream come alive (almonds‘ncaramel)
  3. Dreaming of Christmas all year round, with this marble cake (redvelvet)


  1. Berryliciously delicious, this one is an all-time favorite (veryberrystrawberry)
  2. Overloaded with chocolate, fudge and brownies (mississippimud)
  3. Cookie crumbs meet vanilla ice cream and milk (cookie‘ncream)
  4. Crackling hot butterscotch doused with vanilla ice cream and milk (honeycrackle)
  5. No monkeying around with this royal one (bananaroyale)
  6. The right reasons to go crazy over this crunchy delight (nuttyprofessor)
  7. Your dark knight in chocolate armor (bavarianknightroll)

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