Crossword Puzzle

final 1


  1. to steal money that belongs to the company you work for (embezzlement)
  2. extremely funny (hilarious)
  3. highly pleased (delighted)
  4. extremely exciting (thrilling)
  5. someone who steals things from people's bags or jackets (pickpocket)


  1. very unhappy or uncomfortable (miserable)
  2. very good, also shining (brilliant)
  3. very frightened (terrified)
  4. Extremely bad or unpleasant, terrible (awful)
  5. very big (enormous)
  6. to think carefully about a decision or something you might do (consider)
  7. giving people a lot of money, presents, or time in a kind way (generous)
  8. the crime of stealing something (theft)

["fascinating", "disbelief", "selfish", "rude", "shy", "thoughtful", "murderer"]

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