Crossword Puzzle

RES 8th Grade Vocabulary


  1. A person who worked off their debt is called a ________. (indenturedservant)
  2. Massachusetts is one of the 13 ___________. (colonies)


  1. synonyms—super, upper level (elite)
  2. Fill in the blank — The kittens ________ in the corner, frightened by the dog. (cowered)
  3. synonyms — generous, plentiful (bountiful)
  4. When you slide a figure on a graph you use ________. (translation)
  5. A 90 degree angle triangle is called a _________. (right-triangle)
  6. What does B stand for in the equation Y=MX+B (yintercept)
  7. Name the biome. Really cold, barely hot, with little plants. (wintertundra)
  8. This chart sorts out all of the elements. (periodictable)

["dna", "society"]

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