Crossword Puzzle

Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone


  1. Dumbledore added these for Gryffindor to end up winning the house cup (housepoints)
  2. Hagrid got the "You-Know-What" in vault 713 from Gringort's __________________ (wizardbank)
  3. the Sorting Ceremony assigned students to these at Hogwarts (houses)
  4. the forbidden area of the grounds at Hogwarts (forest)
  5. 3 headed guard dog in the third floor corridor that students were afraid of (fluffy)
  6. Harry caught the Golden Snitch in his __________ to win the first Quidditch game (mouth)
  7. the mirror showed these deepest most desperate _________ to people (desires)
  8. Harry saw his name on the chocolate frog helping him remember about Flamel (dumbledore)
  9. looked like small jewel-bright birds (wingedkeys)
  10. Ron and Harry had to be these to get past the chessboard (chessmen)
  11. Harry expects to use this at home giving him a good summer holiday (magic)


  1. the Dursley's moved Harry to Dudley's bedroom because they knew someone was __________ them (watching)
  2. what kept coming to the house for Harry (letters)
  3. Hagrid brought a letter of _______ to the shack for Harry (acceptance)
  4. how Harry's parents died (blownup)
  5. what was inside the chocolate frogs Harry bought (wizardcards)
  6. area that was out of bounds inside Hogwarts (littleroom)
  7. who taught "Defense against the Dark Arts" (quirrell)
  8. Harry's position on the Quidditch team (seeker)
  9. who Ron and Harry were looking for ____instead of returning to their dorm (hermione)
  10. where Harry and Ron locked the troll (bathroom)
  11. what Hermione was nagging Harry and Ron to do (study)
  12. how Harry got the Sorcerer's Stone by looking into this he found it in his pocket (mirror)

["immortal", "centaur", "music", "voldemort", "library", "destroyed", "motherslove", "protect", "leatherbook", "neville"]

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