Crossword Puzzle

Texas History Review


  1. "Father of Texas", established the "Ole 300" (stephenfaustin)
  2. First animal used by the Native Americans (dog)
  3. First elected president of Texas (samhouston)
  4. Written on the white flag flown at the Battle of Gonzales (comeandtakeit)


  1. Which region of Texas do we live in? (coastalplains)
  2. What does liberty mean? (freedom)
  3. Means to move from place to place (nomadic)
  4. Indian tribe that were known as "fierce warriors" (comanche)
  5. Leader of the Mexican Army, defeated at Battle of San Jacinto (santaanna)
  6. First type of cattle brought to Texas (longhorn)
  7. River that seperates Texas and Mexico (riogrande)

["texasrangers", "civilwar", "longhorn"]

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