Crossword Puzzle

Felix Mendelsshon


  1. he also made these two symphonies (thescottishanditaliansymphony)
  2. He grew very close to this person whom also composed (sister)
  3. Mendelssohn also loved to do this (travel)


  1. where he was born (germany)
  2. time when he lived (romanticperiod)
  3. Where he grew up (berlin)
  4. Mendelssohns Religion (christian)
  5. His family hosted these after Church (concerts)
  6. Mendelssohn was a _______ Pianist as a Child (amazing)
  7. He would later become famous for (composing)
  8. He started to write this as a teen (music)
  9. he was wonderful at this type of art (visualart)
  10. His sister and he put on these (plays)
  11. A popular work of Mendelssohns (amidsummernightsdream)

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