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  1. lifting your chest muscles (contractingwhenyoubreath)
  2. a bundle of nerve fibers (nerve)
  3. A neuron that picks up stimuli from the internal or external environment and converts each stimulus into a nerve impulse (sensoryneuron)
  4. The mass of nerve tissue that is the main control center of the nervous system (brain)
  5. coordinates voluntary movement and balance (cerebellum)
  6. half, partly (semi)
  7. connects the brain and spinal cord (brainstem)
  8. throat (pharynx)
  9. tiny sacs of lung tissue specialized for the movement of gases between air and blood (alveoli)
  10. A chemical that comes from the breakdown of proteins (urea)
  11. Fluid wastes removed from the body by the kidneys (urine)


  1. the message carried by a neuron (nerveimpulse)
  2. a neuron that carries nerve impulses from one neuron to another (interneuron)
  3. area of the brain responsible for all voluntary activities of the body (cerebrum)
  4. between, among (inter)
  5. a signal to which an organism responds (stimulus)
  6. the basic building block of the nervous system (neurons)
  7. branchlike parts of a neuron that are specialized to receive information (dendrite)
  8. a threadlike extension of a neuron that carries nerve impulses away from the cell body (axon)
  9. a neuron that sends an impulse to a muscle or gland, causing the muscle or gland to react (motorneuron)
  10. done without will or conscious control (involuntary)
  11. eyes, ears, nose, skin, taste buds (senseorgans)
  12. willing (voluntary)
  13. a reaction to a stimulus (response)
  14. gap between neurons (synapse)
  15. rapid, automatic response to a stimulus (reflex)
  16. occurs when the soft tissue of the brain is bruised as it collides against the skull (concussion)
  17. voice box (larynx)
  18. a tiny filtering factory that removes wastes from blood and produces urine (nephron)
  19. windpipe (trachea)
  20. Main organs of the respiratory system (lungs)

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