Crossword Puzzle

Buddhism & Hinduism Project


  1. Like the 10 commandments (fiveprecepts)
  2. Founder of Buddhism (buddha)
  3. First Sound in the universe (aum)
  4. The Creator (brahma)
  5. God of Protection (vishnu)
  6. Festival of Light (diwali)
  7. Where all of these Religions Originated from (india)


  1. The 4th largest religion in the world (buddhism)
  2. The 3rd largest religion in the world (hinduism)
  3. Buddha saw lots of _ _ _ _ in the world (suffering)
  4. The Destroyer (shiva)
  5. God of New Beginnings (Clue (ganesh)
  6. Liberation (moksha)
  7. Religious Texts (vedas)
  8. Ancient Language Used to Write Texts (sanskrit)

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