Crossword Puzzle

Beaumont Laboratory 2019 Crossword Puzzle


  1. To draw blood from a vein (venipuncture)
  2. Stop spreading germs by (handwashing)
  3. I want results now! (stat)
  4. What to do if you can't find a specimen? (swarm)


  1. used to spin down tubes (centrifuge)
  2. lab test to diagnose UTI (urinalysis)
  3. Panic Value (critical)
  4. The main accrediting agency for Beaumont Laboratory (cap)
  5. The new Beaumont Laboratory computer system (epicbeaker)
  6. we don't do it but someone else does (referral)
  7. Main protein in human plasma (albumin)
  8. Process by which blood forms clots (coagulation)

["bloodbank", "microbiology", "healthstream"]

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