Crossword Puzzle

Muscles pt.1


  1. Front of lower leg, flexes and inverts foot (anteriortibialis)
  2. Outer thigh, abducts thigh (abductors)
  3. Inner thigh, adducts thigh (adductors)


  1. located on shoulder (deltoids)
  2. Located on upper arm, flexes lower arm (bicepsbrachii)
  3. Located on the back of upper arm (tricepsbrachii)
  4. Located on lower arm, flexes hand (brachioradialis)
  5. Back of lower arm, extends wrists (extensors)
  6. Front of lower arm, flexes wrist (flexors)
  7. Located on top of thigh, includes vastus lateralis, vastus medialis, vastus intermedius, and the rectus femoris (quadriceps)
  8. Anterior thigh, also called the ribbon muscle (sartorius)
  9. Calf muscle (gastrocnemius)

["gluteusmaximus", "hamstrings", "cardiacmuscle", "skeletalmuscle", "smoothmuscle", "latissimusdorsi"]

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