Crossword Puzzle



  1. What was shoots new name? (killsgrizzley)
  2. what does shoots wear on his head after he kills the bear? (feather)
  3. What was running down shoots face? (blood)
  4. what was the baby doing when the man picked him up? (squalling)
  5. Crazy horse and morning rider smoked to the powers Of the directions? (six)


  1. why did Whirlwind cut her hair? (mourning)
  2. Whirlwind carry’s her baby grandson on a? (cradleboard)
  3. how old is shoots? (thirteen)
  4. What was between whirlwind and her grandson? (grizzley)
  5. What was at shoots waist? (knife)
  6. who came to the village? (crazyhorse)
  7. they have a What peircing ceremony when the baby gets older? (ear)

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