Crossword Puzzle

The Dying Cowboy


  1. What did he lay on that was wet? (saddle-blanket)
  2. What would press his brow? (grave)
  3. How tall was the grave? (six)
  4. These words came ______ and mournfully? (low)


  1. What flowers did they give the cowboy? (roses)
  2. Where did he want to be buried? (church-yard)
  3. What animals paws roam free on the prairie? (buffalo)
  4. what kind home did he have? (cottage)
  5. What would kiss his locks? (rattlesnake)
  6. What flows free on the lone prairie? (wind)
  7. What glows on the lone prairie? (dewdrops)
  8. Who was to tear up where he lay? (sister)

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