Crossword Puzzle



  1. popular muffin (blueberry)
  2. too much coffee, you won't be able to _____ (sleep)
  3. Chinese people love to drink this (tea)
  4. land of koalas (kiwi)
  5. crappy car (lemon)
  6. My little brother is the ___ sheep of the family. (black)
  7. He's rarely so pessimistic! Why is he in such ___ mood today? (gray)
  8. Do we have to go through all this ___ tape to get his permission? (red)


  1. yellow and curved (banana)
  2. macintosh or fuji (apple)
  3. world's largest coffee chain (starbucks)
  4. aloha (pineapple)
  5. hard to rhyme (orange)
  6. on top (cherry)
  7. I bought this at a ___ elephant sale. (white)

["barista", "caffeine", "espresso"]

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