Crossword Puzzle

Blocks and hemiblocks


  1. pivotal to suspecting any hemiblock (13) (axisdeviation)
  2. The QRS complexes in bundle branch block will be? (4) (wide)
  3. in RBBB this configuration is likely in lead V1(3) (rsr)
  4. in RBBB what wave will be present lead 1 and V6 (5) (swave)


  1. the QRS in lead 1 and aVL might appear like this (7) (notched)
  2. the most common hemiblock (anterior)
  3. another term for hemi in hemiblock (10) (fascicular)
  4. in RBBB right ventricular activation is? (7) (delayed)
  5. in right axis deviation lead aVF and lead 1 will point .... each other (7) (towards)
  6. long standing RBBB may be due to this disorder (9) (congenital)

["mi", "right", "left", "rate", "hypertrophy", "ugly", "depressed"]

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