Crossword Puzzle

Newcomers revision


  1. your mum's mother is called your ......... (grandmother)
  2. the opposite of big (small)
  3. a room you cook in (kitchen)
  4. something you write with (3 letters) (pen)
  5. the plural of woman (women)
  6. some people need these to help them see better (glasses)
  7. a person who teaches you in school (teacher)


  1. you have these in your mouth (teeth)
  2. the plural of child (children)
  3. an animal that barks (dog)
  4. the day that comes before Sunday (saturday)
  5. something you wear to tell the time (watch)
  6. a room you sleep in (bedroom)
  7. a building you live in (house)
  8. the number that comes after eleven (twelve)
  9. a day of the week beginning with the letter M (monday)

["book", "pencil", "orange", "chair", "apple", "coat"]

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