Crossword Puzzle

George Washington Carver


  1. Known as "the peanut scientist" or "the wizard of Tuskegee" (georgewashingtoncarver)
  2. George worked on this a lot. Also, plants are planted in this. (soil)


  1. Taught science in Tuskegee collage in AL_____. (alabama)
  2. The science or practice of farming. (agriculture)
  3. Opposite of literate. (illiterate)
  4. Went to this school as a boy. Its name has our 16th president. (lincolnschool)
  5. You do this with a brush and colored dye. (paint)
  6. A round 8-looking plant. (peanut)
  7. A person who has expert knowledge in physical or natural SCIENCE. (scientist)
  8. George had a SWEET obsession with this potato along with the peanut . (sweetpotato)

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