Crossword Puzzle

Romeo and Juliet


  1. Suggesting that something momentous or calamitous is likely to happen (portentous)
  2. To decorate (bedeck)
  3. Vrginity (maidenhead)
  4. Another name for the Greek Sun God Apollo (phoebus)


  1. A small, showy trinket or decoration; something of no importance or worth (bauble)
  2. By habit or memorized behavior, without any thought or consideration. (byrote)
  3. An exclamation used to express disgust or outrage (fie)
  4. Nothing (nought)
  5. Often means something offensive or unpleasant (rank)
  6. A phrase used as a term of address for a man or boy, esp. one younger or of lower status than the speaker. (sirrah)

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