Crossword Puzzle

Reviewing session 1


  1. the proliferative stage is characterised by formation of new what? (capillaries)
  2. neutrophils, monocytes and macrophages are types of what blood cell? (white)
  3. a type of drug that can influence wound healing (steroids)
  4. closure of the wound and scar formation is part of which phase? (maturation)
  5. creates a support matrix for new tissue (collagen)
  6. prolongs the inflammatory phase (infection)
  7. which person's scar was caused by being in a pub? (sam)


  1. clot formation is part of which stage? (haemostasis)
  2. adequate supply of this is essential for wound healing (protein)
  3. one of the five cardinal signs of inflammation (swelling)
  4. should a wound be kept dry or moist for optimal healing? (moist)
  5. the skin has a vital role in? (immunity)
  6. decreased supply of this to the wound can be caused by hypoxia (oxygen)
  7. a disease known to commonly affect wound healing (diabetes)
  8. internal factors affecting wound healing (systemic)
  9. does patient compliance affect wound healing? (yes)

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