Crossword Puzzle

Biology 3B


  1. carbon dioxide+water----> glucose+oxygen (photosynthesis)
  2. these are tiny extensions of the cell, covered with a cell surface membrane, that can move beating together in a rhythmic way. (cilia)
  3. important leaf features found in the lower epidermis. (stomata)
  4. the presence of this nutrient in your diet is essential as it stimulates peristalsis, which in turn prevents constipation. (fibre)


  1. single-celled organisms without a true nucleus. (prokaryotes)
  2. a typical organelle found within the cytoplasm of plant cells. (chloroplast)
  3. the net diffusion of water molecules from a region of high water potential to a region of low water potential, through a partially permeable membrane. (osmosis)
  4. the name of vessels that transport water from the roots to the leaves in plants. (xylem)
  5. an essential mineral which is needed for making haemoglobin. (iron)
  6. a single-celled fungus used for making some alcoholic drinks and bread. (yeast)
  7. the cells in well-watered plants become.... (turgid)

["kwashiorkor", "calcium", "biuret", "mitosis", "meiosis", "ovary", "oestrogen", "fertilisation", "zygote"]

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