Crossword Puzzle

Upland Feeder Birds @ Corkscrew


  1. Year round resident. This tiny, 3 3/4 in., bird flaps it's wings 70 times per second and eats twice it's body weight each day. (rubythroatedhummingbird)
  2. This year round 6 1/2 inch ground feeding dove is the smallest in the eastern US. (commonground)


  1. 8 3/4 inch bird named after a Roman Catholic senior leader. (northerncardinal)
  2. Vividly multi-colored 5 1/2 inch winter time resident. (paintedbunting)
  3. Nick-named "blue canary", this 5 1/2 inch bird is a winter time resident. (indigobunting)
  4. Ground feeding warbler that makes a dome nest with a side entrance resembling a Dutch oven. (ovenbird)
  5. 8 3/4 inch winter time resident whose call mimics "meeeew." (graycatbird)
  6. This 7 1/2 inch winter resident lays it's eggs in other bird's nests. (brownheadedcowbird)
  7. Intelligent, large 11 inch songbird with a perky crest is a year round resident. (bluejay)
  8. Likely Florida's most abundant woodpecker is a year round resident. (redbellied)
  9. This 12 inch bird is named for it's "mournful cooing." (mourningdove)

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